Monday, March 12, 2012

Apple hates fun things

I have no problem admitting I spend way too much time on my iPad (Gen 1). I do everything on it, from reading magazines, browsing websites, watching Netflix, checking email, reading blogs and bidding on eBay.
I really do love the iPad. What I haaaate (let me rephrase: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE) about it is the proprietary restrictions courtesy of Apple being Apple.
My first gripe materialized when I was trying to change a route on Google Maps while on the iPad. Yeah, dragging to change a route on the iPad? Not happening. Perhaps they have improved this on iPad2, I don't know.
Irritation number two happened when I couldn't load any Flash content. That means NOT watching Downton Abbey for free on Oh no. You can't. But you can download it for $$ on iTunes. Why, how generous. Thanks Apple, I think I will use my ASUS mini and save my cashish instead.
But my fiiiiinal straw occurred when I fiiiinally got on Pinterest, thrilled to unload about two years worth of click-and-saved images stored on my iPad, only to discover that oh by the way, loyal iPad user, you cannot click to browse your iPad images through Pinterest. Supposedly there are a couple of Pinterest apps out there, but none that do what I'd like, which is the most simple thing in the world: Browse and upload my photos from my iPad onto Pinterest. Why is that so hard? Are there any web developers out there? Could I commission a custom app, please? I'd be willing to pay $5. Seriously, big money.

Meanwhile, all my pretty pictures are gathering virtual dust and my Pinterest account remains boringly unpopulated while Apple gets off it's proprietary throne and gets with the real world on these issues!!

Thanks for reading my rant. Here are a few pictures I saved on my desktop instead of my iPad to reward you for reading.

(that's right: there are none. you can thank Apple)


  1. Wow...all of those things really suck. I don't have an ipad or any tablet for that matter. I have been thinking about getting an ipad for the past few months, but I might need to rethink that .

  2. I often wonder about getting an ipad, but am so used to my lap top. Thank you for sharing


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