Sunday, March 11, 2012

One of my resolutions for 2012 is to be more creative, as opposed to merely stockpiling arts and crafts supplies. Since we're already close to Q2 2012, it was high time I put my paint brushes where my mouth was and get crafting.
Inspired by a Lilly Pulitzer instore mural I started by painting this little floral number:
Lilly Pulitzer-esque tropical flowers
I was considering writing Ladies in a Lilly-style font across the middle and using it as a bathroom sign... any opinions about this? Next I went back to my nautical roots and painted a fairly simple coral painting, based on a Lilly Pulitzer fabric (might be bedding?) that oddly took a whoooole lot longer than I thought it would!
This coral one was going to get emblazoned with a Gents in LP type writing...
(Perhaps I ought to explain this obsession with bathroom paintings: At our current abode, the master bathroom - for females - is immediately adjacent to a guest bathroom - for men - which always causes confusion when guests see the identical white doors one next to the other.... so I need some sort of directional signs).
Anyway, once I had completed the first two, I got a bit braver and grabbed a larger canvas to paint this Lilly Pulitzer jungle book style painting... I would imagine if I had kids this would be perfect for a nursery. I will likely gift it to a dear friend who is having baby number 3 and who has already received the standard baby blankets, rattles and diaper wreaths in multiples. As the baby's sex will be a surprise, pink, green and yellow is gender-neutral enough, wouldn't you say?

Lilly Pulitzer inspired nursery painting
Please excuse the Dixie plate used as palette and packing paper used as furniture protector, the border wasn't dry yet!
Please also excuse my complete lack of knowledge of LP print names and therefore inability to credit my source adequately! Finally apologies for my big gaps in blog postings, hopefully your week wasn't as hectic as mine :-)

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