Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shoe lust

I had my blood taken today, so instead of spending the whole day napping or perking myself up artificially with caffeine, I decided to compile my 2012 shoe lust list (for that natural high).

1. Bonanno's Palm Beach sandals

Top of my list is a pair (and for the record, when I say a pair, I mean a pair in every color, but I will limit myself here to showcasing just one or two each) of Bonanno sandals. 
Now I won't go into the whole history of how Bonanno's are the real Jackie O sandals, about how Jack Rogers is a shameless imitator, nor the fact that Stephen Bonanno is the rightful son and heir to the Bonanno empire, yet divorcing Monica Bonanno left the leather dyes, stamps and even the Palm Beach factory in her hands (how the *** did her divorce lawyer manage that?). No I won't go into that. What I will do is a quick heads up for anyone who is still buying JR's or contemplating them instead of Bonanno's:
  • Bonanno's use ONLY leather throughout, JR's use part man-made materials
  • Bonanno's use rich dyes to color their leather, JR's "paint" the leather, so the color flakes off eventually
  • Bonanno's are all handmade in their (new) Stuart, FL location, JR's are made...where exactly?
  • Bonanno's are the only sandals Lady Lilly Pulitzer wears, as did Jackie O. JR's are NOT.
  • Bonanno's will completely resole your sandals for you, JR's will not
  • Bonanno's leather softens and molds to your foot with age, JR's will crackle, crumble and eventually tear
If you are still considering buying JR's, I am sorry. You are beyond reason.
Stephen Bonanno Palm Beach sandals in gold/gold
My order of priority for Bonanno's is gold/gold, silver/silver, white/gold, red/gold, light pink/white aaand then every other color.
2. Belgian Shoes

Second lust item on the 2012 shoe list are Belgian shoes, natch. I am still debating between Midinette Lizard and Midinette all calf, plus I have heard conflicting reports on sizing.... any insights from readers?

I really want a navy version, since I have waaaaaaay too many brown loafers and I wear a lot of navy jeans... Black with color trim would be my second choice, as I think these would be great for going on a trip where you want comfort and style and don't want to pack more than a couple of pairs of shoes.

3. Ferragamo Varina

Third on my lie awake at night trying to justify buying shoe shopping list is a pair of Ferragamo Varinas. I am super attracted to the color versions, but as an investment shoe, I don't know if I'd dare veer off the black path. Then again, these are a bit more special, so I guess I wouldn't be slumming in them during the day. Then again, my aunt swears by these flats, she's worn her pairs since the 80s and literally just gets the soles replaced, so she doesn't have to break in a new pair!
Drool. Ferragamo Varina's. Essential - no?
I'd probably start with the black calf (not patent) with black bow, cross over to a cream with black bow and then head into candy land with a pair of bright orange, green and pink to round out my Varina family.

4. Tory Burch Reva ballerinas

The next selection is probably a bit chewed out by the prep-set by now, but I do still covet a pair of Tory Burch Reva's. Again I'd love to hear your opinion about their fit, because I'd be ordering online, untried!
Tory Burch Reva's in black calf with gold
Tory Burch Reva in tumbled leather
Again I'd start off with the black with gold medallion to have my Reva base covered, then I'd definitely get a red pair, since I live in both navy and black striped nautical shirts during spring and most of summer.  I love the above pair but wish it had a gold medallion instead.

5. Tod's Gommini mocassin

These driving mocs have been on my shoe lust list for about a decade now. They are the softest, most comfortable slipper shoe you can wear out in public EVER. They are beautifully made, supple, understated and an absolute classic in my book. It is the idea office, travel and driving shoe. As far as I am concerned, these are pure luxury. Naturally I want. every. single. pair.

6. Gucci Horsebit/logo ballet flats & heels
Gucci Mayfair ballet flats
Unfortunately it appears that Gucci no longer makes my dream pair. It was the black logo ballet flat with the green/red webbing across the toe box, topped by a horsebit. They also did a matching block heel with identical logo/webbing/horsebit details that were awesome too. Looks like I'd be hunting down vintage ones... urgh. Is it just me or is wearing someone else's used shoes gross?

So there you have it! My shoe lust list that will bankrupt me for years to come ;-) Fortunately my taste and style preferences are enduring, so I shouldn't feel guilty for buying multiple pairs of $500 loafers, right? Ha!
Have a good week, guys!


  1. Weird I just read a (magazine) article about Bonanno's RIGHT before reading this blog post.

  2. It is nice to meet you. Your shoe list is nudging me to think about filling in my shoe collection especially where the basics are concerned. I have a tendency to get the candy colors first.

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