Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Reveal Part I.

The final stragglers of my Lilly Pulitzer shopping extravaganza during the New Year sale have finally all arrived. I admit, I went a biiiiiit craaaaazy. Well ok, a lot crazy.
I wasn't prepared for all the nice stuff that would be on offer! Rookie mistake.
My funds were already depleted from the Christmas gift giving palooza. But when there are such important matters at stake, there is a determination (read: greed) that rallies from deep within, separates the lint from the dimes in your pockets and hits "purchase". Because if you don't, you regret it... in June.

I went in with a plan: Check out everything first, add to cart, review cart, then check out. Yeah... errr... force majeur ruled against that plan.

Lilly Pulitzer Delia dress
Up first: The Dalia dress. This baby was coming home to Mama! I have a few LP shift dresses that are slightly too big for me (ok, future maternity wear kinda big), so I ordered the Delia shift in a size smaller than my regular size and it fits perfectly.

I love this pattern so I didn't get much further down the page before I had another item to check out...

Lilly Pulitzer Evie dress
...and then again... (I bought it in blue)

Lilly Pulitzer Jacqueline dress
...and again...
...and again
Lilly Pulitzer Bowen dress

I realized my shopping frenzy was a bit one-sided, so I rounded out my loot with a Paley cardigan in pink, an Opening Ceremony clutch in pink and...a tie for hubs. That's right, I thought of others. *Hoping this earns me some brownie points with hubby for part II of the LP shopping reveal....*


  1. I actually just sold the Bowen through Re-Lilly Group on FB, since it fit small and I thought being strapless I should size down... ahem. Wrong decision. So I am now on the hunt for a sz 4 replacement Bowen!

  2. Really late to this - but I have a size 4 bowen. I am on the search for a size 8 :( same predicament. I bought at the sale in Philly for $100 - but then it didnt fit


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