Monday, January 16, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Reveal Part II.

I was barely coming down from my LP induced high, when RueLaLa decided to deliver the final K.O. to my bank account a day or two later...
Lilly Pulitzer Sea and Be Seen tote

This actually matches a cardigan I forgot to mention from the LP sale... I plan on wearing both with skinny white pants and silver sandals, proudly waving the matchy-matchy flag!

I managed to snag a pink polo shirt and Roslyn skirt before all the best stuff was sold out in my size. Not that I should be thinking about adding to this collection... but should there be another sale... you know... in a decade far far in the future.... I shall be focussing on PJs, bags, shoes and cashmere. I think I've got the dresses covered for now :-)

What did you get at the sales?

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