Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday Blues

Every Sunday, at some point, I run out of chores I want to do. I trawl the blog world for entertaining updates, only to find depressingly few new posts. So here is my vow: Every Sunday, I shall post an update to my blog of three things that are currently on my mind.

1. Nautical stripes in clothing
LL Bean French sailor 3/4 sleeve top

LL Bean have really stepped up to the nautical plate. I ordered the french sailor turtleneck for winter and was pleasantly surprised by the weight and quality of it. One wash down and it still looks brand new. So I ordered the 3/4 sleeve version in white/navy and it's equally nice. For Christmas I received two Petit Bateau nautical stripe tops and although they are softer on the inside than the LLBean version, the PB is slightly more fitted at the shoulder, which means if you size up you end up with very long sleeves and a slightly longer than ideal overall length. LL Bean offers 15% off your entire purchase right now using code JSK5165.

2. Chai
Starbucks Chai tea concentrate

I lurrrves me some Chai. A friend of mine back in the college days introduced me to it at Whole Foods, and I've been hooked since. I buy the concentrate since I refuse to spend shopping money on $5 lattes and would easily drink these all day, if they weren't so calorific and caffeinated. The clove, nutmeg and vanilla all meld together for a wonderfully peppery and warming beverage. It tastes surprisingly delicious "on the rocks" in the summer too!

3. Jersey Shore

Yes, that's right. JERSEY SHORE. There, I said it.
I refused to watch it. I balked at those who knew the names of the cast. I cringed when I saw pictures of them drunk on a beach at 11am in the morning. Now, I am one of them.
I can't wait for the next episode, to see if Deena manages to stay upright for 24 hours, to decide if Mike "The Situation" was better as a man wh*re with a soft side or a snitch with a crush on Snooki, to comment for the millionth time how Pauly D looks like Bart Simpson from the side and to inspect from all angles JWoww's plastic surgery results. Ronnie and Sammi can go away. Please. Leave the Ron Ron juice.

Thank you DEC for lowering my IQ in such an enjoyable way.


  1. Thank you so much, Sundresses and Smiles, I will definitely be checking that out!
    Enjoying a chai as I type this...;-)


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