Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monogram Bliss

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I am predisposed to start obsessing with jewellery. I am very fortunate to have an attentive and generous hubby (love you DEC!), who spoils me rotten in the jewellery department.
To give him some ideas *customized items take longer to arrive, nudge nudge, hint hint*, here are some of my current favorite blingies, which are dying to make it into my jewellery box.

Top of my wish list this year is a gold monogram necklace.

Gold lace monogram necklace <via> 

Fortunately they are readily available online at virtually every price point, from 18k gold plated, to gold filled, to different price points for the 14k solid gold (steep, cheaper and cheapest). The most difficult decision would be whether to choose classic yellow gold, which goes with everything or rose gold, which is less common. I particularly luuuurve the ones on super dainty ultra thin chains, so the monogram looks like it's hovering on a nearly invisible gold filament. *Sigh*
Although I shouldn't admit this, I am also quite partial to engraved monogram disk necklaces spotted on many celebs. Perhaps those are best suited as commemorative necklaces for new mothers (engraved with their baby's monogram)?
Of course, in settings where a monogram necklace might attract too much attention, an elegant and understated pair of monogram earrings would be a suitable alternative!
Monogram lace earrings <via>
Again, there are silver versions (studs or danglies) and gold versions (lace posts) to suit each Valentine's beau's budget.
Swell Caroline Triple Letter earrings
For a more every day jewellery wardrobe, I am currently lusting after Swell Caroline's monogram earrings in fun color combos, like pink with green, navy with orange or turquoise with green. I can see me wearing these to run errands, hit the gym or even to complement my Lilly P wardrobe in the summer.
KJP Drift Knots earrings
I also love silk knot or silk button earrings, of which KJP has a very nice selection. The nostalgic and nautical packaging certainly ups the dahling factor.

Angela Moore bracelets
Last, but not least are Angela Moore bracelets. I love love love these! They are hand painted beaded bracelets with the cutest subjects, from ladybugs (on sale!!) to lighthouses, nautical or classic pink and green. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions! So far, their $17 international shipping has put me off and I haven't stopped crying ..a bracelet can't weigh that much, can it?
Kindness to DEC for taking note of my ever-changing and expanding wish list and for *fingers crossed* adding to my stash of pretties...

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  1. I received a monogram necklace like the top one in this post for Christmas and have worn it SO much!!


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