Friday, January 20, 2012

Showing your Stripes

As I bid adieu to my old (albeit very young) blog, I soothe myself with a look at my stack of striped tops. There, there, my pretties. Momma still loves stripes. Don't you worry.
I might as well confess my obsession with stripes in my first blog post. Air out my clean laundry. The beauty of stripes to me lies in their neutrality, their simplicity. A striped top can seamlessly go from dock to restaurant to even pajamas. Contrary to popular lore, stripes also look good whether you're a size 2 or a size 20. So show your stripes!
Let's focus on the first stack of stripes in my closet:
I feel better already, don't you? There's something very soothing about nautical stripes. Let's inspect a fraction of the short-sleeved selection:
I don't discriminate. I am an equal opportunity stripe lover - wide stripes, skinny stripes, thick tops, long sleeve tops, turtlenecks. Ralph Lauren, Petit Bateau, LL Bean, J Crew... you are all welcome in my closet. There is room for everyone.
Don't believe my commitment to Le Stripe is sincere? Perhaps this will convince you:
If this makes you happy, we are on the same wave length. What does a peek inside your closet reveal about you?

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