Monday, February 27, 2012

Are your notebooks SAFE?

I was browsing Barnes & Noble to get my Moleskine fix in an effort to organize my ever growing pile of magazine "rippings". I love Moleskine: The look, the texture, the colors, the simplicity and the stylishness. I recently bought a couple of extra small pocket notebooks in pink to keep track of things like emergency phone numbers, passwords and such.
So imagine my intrigue when there is a "California Prop 65 warning" on each Moleskine page on
Out of curiosity, I clicked to find out more and this is what I found.

Errr what? My notebooks could be causing me to have cancer later in life? Have I contaminated all my purses? I am completely baffled and pretty spooked by that warning and I can tell you that I definitely won't be buying any more Moleskine! Scary. How are they allowed to produce a product that could cause cancer? Yes, yes, I know that sounds naive. Still, everyone knows about cigarettes and sun exposure and the usual cancer culprits but NOTEBOOKS? Who knew your paper products could be killing you? I don't even know if I need to be wearing gloves and a mask to transfer the info contained in my Moleskines to my (hopefully non-cancer-causing) Graphic Image notebooks.
Random lady prepares to transfer notes from Moleskine notebook {missing source}

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