Friday, February 10, 2012

Hibernation activities

Aside from reading interior decorating magazines (if looking at pretty pictures counts as "reading") and watching the original Grey Gardens (errr... eccentric is all I can say to that), I've found myself picking up long forgotten needlepoint projects.
Nautical needlepoint dog collar
Sherman is now sporting his nautical crab collar and for Valentine's he will be the most fashionable pooch on the block with his pink and green heart collar.
Nom nom... is it Valentine's yet?
Yes, I know he is a male dog. The collar is for me, ok? Dogs are colorblind anyway...
Now resume the hibernation lounging position and zzzzz........
Kindness to my readers for putting up with my lousy photography skills compounded by a model who won't sit still.


  1. Oh my gosh- you are so right!! That would look great- mixing the modern with the traditional. I have plexiglass, stackable boxes from CB2 that I keep my bracelets in- I'm going to add that to the mix :) !! I LOVE these dog collar by the way- where are they from??

  2. Those are adorable, he is a lucky puppy!

  3. @MRA - thank you! I made those :-)
    @Beth - thank you, too! He didn't feel so lucky today walking around in arctic temperatures and forced to wear a sweater (see latest post).

  4. Those are great! Where did you get them finished? I have stitched a few collars for my pups but my shop finishes them with leather backings but I really like the webbing on yours. :-)

  5. Hi Whitney, I'd love to see the dog collars you've made!
    For my dog collars I just buy really cheap nylon collars at petstores (I've also found them at the Dollar stores), then cut them to size and attach the needlepoint canvas by stitching along the perimeter by hand using an invisible Nylon thread. Works well and you can't even tell where it's stitched. Plus cotton webbing is usually far too wide for my pup's 9.5" neck! I do use cotton webbing for the key fobs I've needlepointed: I get those at craft stores (Joann carries different colored ones in the ribbon section). xx

  6. The dog collar idea is great! Do you recycle the hardware from the collars your buy? I'd love to see a step-by-step assembly for the new collar you're doing for Sherman. BTW, I love his name!


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