Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Storage War

I have too many things in my various closets to pretend to be living a sartorially streamlined life. I am working on it, however. Periodically I hone in on a certain closet or a certain type of clothing, say sleepwear or bed linen, and then try and trim the fat. I find that I'm less and less able to donate or throw out things, simply because I have held onto them for so long, that throwing them out now seems like the wrong decision!
That said, I have too many belts and what's worse, I don't have a good storage solution. It's worse because the line between a hoarder and a curator of a well edited wardrobe is organization and clever storage.
{the problem}
My belt storage solution has been driving me nuts. It's hideous to look at, hidden at the bottom of my coat closet and bulging at the seams. It consists of a cheap, nylon Ikea catch-all basket. Totally not fit for purpose, no longevity or visual appeal whatsoever.
What do you use for belt storage? Have you found any good organizers? I need something sturdy, sufficiently spacious, without taking up too much valuable closet real estate (ideally I would like separate dividers within a roll-out shallow drawer, but that is for the future home). Oh, I don't like hanging my belts. So what should I use? Recommendations most welcome!!


  1. It just occurred to me that life would be a lot easier if I just collected belt buckles instead. I could then have a gazillion different belt buckles and just four or so belt straps (black, brown, gold, silver).... hmmmm...

  2. You have tons of cute belts! I don't have that many, so I have mine stored away in a drawer, but a lot of my friends hang theirs up in the closet on a hanger!

  3. If only that were the extent of my belt collection... What you see there is just the non-inherited, non-vintage, non-emotionally attached to tenth of my collection. Like I said... Hoarder and perfect wardrobe... It's a very fine line! Thanks for saying hi xx


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