Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crushing on Kate Spade

Typically, Kate Spade lures me in with their sales emails. Occasionally I venture to their website without being baited by discounts and holy amazeballs did they hit the nail on the head with the current selection of clutches!
The absolute front runner and now object of sleepless nights is the All Aboard Ship Clutch. Need I say more.
Kate Spade All Aboard ship clutch
Not oooonly is this just about the cutest clutch from the outside, but when you take a peek inside....
Red, white and blue stripes, steam chimney clasp and a gold anchor. This, my friends, is what we call a nautical trifecta.
If you prefer less nautical and more Chanel-esque two toned, the Mount Perry Adira clutch will hit the spot:
Kate Spade Mount Perry Adira raffia clutch for strolling along the French Riviera
Finally for maximum princess-gone-disco impact, wear a pink tulle skirt with the I Kissed a Frog clutch.
Kate Spade I Kissed a Frog clutch in Multi.

So now I bid you ahoy as I return to gawk at my the ship clutch. Really, it's art, not a purse. I mean, this could be...this could be.... my blog mascot! Nobody said you can't have a purse for a mascot. Nobody. Quiet back there! Keep shoveling coal! That steam engine requires about 350 lumps of coal.

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