Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Birds of L.A.

I love birds. The chirp of a bird in the morning signals Spring time to me. In fact, there's nothing quite like hearing your favorite birds sing outside while you wake up or watching a bluebird take a birdbath in a rain puddle.
However, you know what they say... too much of a good thing... can be creepy rather than chirpy (adapted proverb for my own purposes, don't sue me). Pictures below from my cross-country road trip archives.
Those little dots... all birds
Target must be having a seed & nuts sale...
I know what you're thinking: Birds of a feather...
Since this was just outside L.A. I wasn't sure if we were inadvertently witnessing a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds...
...but I was sure glad to be sitting in a car! Have a great Sunday everyone :-)

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