Friday, February 3, 2012

February blooms and pink

Are you ready for Spring? I know I can't stop daydreaming of beautiful spring flowers and warmth on my skin. I may just have to book DH and myself a little getaway to a European beach, stat. For now, I pretend it's not really 6 weeks until the end of winter by wearing February's official color: Pink. I have no pink jackets that are remotely warm enough, so my only option is to color block with shades of pink, navy and *drumroll* my orange Longchamp. What do you mean, pink and orange don't play well together?
The hot pink top looks tomato colored, thanks to my amazingly outdated camera...
{Jacket: Barbour, sweater: Ralph Lauren(old), jewellery: Cartier (trinity), bag: Longchamp, "pashmina": Target(old)}
It's amazing what a bit of color can do for your mood! Finally a break from the olive, brown, navy and black monotony I've been wearing since November. I felt cheery and even bought some plants for the kitchen, since my herb garden doesn't survive more than 2 months of heavy use (witness the sparse basil plant on it's last leg)!

Basil (in back), chives and rosemary are essential cooking plants. Just don't eat the primroses...
Here's to a pre-spring spring wardrobe and herbage!


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