Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Needlepoint Love

This week's theme is definitely needlepointing! I already showed you the needlepoint collars I've made for pup Sherman here. Then EAS blogged about Stina Stitches and Allie continued the thread by posting about her never ending needlepoint belt project (that soooo sounds like my Christmas stocking project... started sometime in 2010... estimated completion date 2013... if I'm lucky).
So to round out the needlepoint show-and-tell, I thought I'd post about the needlepoint keyfobs I did for my hubster and I. I didn't use a pre-printed or pre-packaged kit, so it's not quite as perfect as it probably could be, but designing your own allows you to customize size, color and topic to be completely unique!

Patriotic for him (already looking quite grubby lol!)
American flag needlepoint key chain with leather

Tropical for moi (just completed!)
Flamingo needlepoint key chain

I could definitely use more practice in stitching leather, but it wouldn't be handmade if it looked too professional, right? riiiiiight?
I'm just finishing off another collar for Sherman (to be premiered shortly) and my sister has already placed an order for a crab needlepoint key fob.
Here's two needlepoint pictures my grandma made probably 50 years ago.
Lady wearing traditional German Tracht

Traditional man in German Tracht
Phew, do those look time consuming, or what!


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