Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mild closet update

Have you heard of Chez Larsson? I randomly came across this Swedish Martha-approved blog while surfing Pinterest for huggable hangers and closet organization. Yes, I'm sad. 
This lady makes my closet obsession seem tame. Yet I can totally relate to her need to organize every nook and cranny when storage real estate is less than ideal. I am perpetually frustrated with my pathetic closet situation, so I rearrange my clothes....oh, probably twice a month. Again, we've established I'm sad.
Today I rearranged my sweater closet. I only rearranged it, because unlike some very admirable people who are able to completely detach themselves from their belongings and radically purge their unworn clothing, I actually like 98% of what is in my closet, so parting with something isn't always my goal. More space would be great though, hence my HH research.

Sweater love
In an effort to keep my stacks neater for longer, I have organized my sweaters by most likely to wear at the top, least likely to wear at the bottom (in each cubicle). Chunky cableknits and sweaters in muted tones to the left, brighter and thinner cardigans to the right. Since it's still officially winter, I won't be wearing many of the brights yet, except the cashmere cableknits, which I've respectively stacked on the top.
On another note, did your mother teach you to store clothing turned inside out? I know it makes sense when you don't have closet doors, but I like seeing patterns... I love you Mom.


  1. I do the inside out thing, but you are correct. It doesn't look as pretty!

  2. I love how organized this is. I need to redo my closet space sometime soon.


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