Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the hunt

So this is the post that never was, the post that was robbed from me by a stealth attack courtesy of Blogger. This time I'm flying under the radar with a very abbreviated post, in the hopes of not being detected.
Has anyone else been watching the RHOBH reunion shows? Forget what's-her-name's quack quack lips, I'm far more interested Demi Moore's Kyle Richard's arm candy.

Kyle Richards on RHOBH Season 2 reunion
Fingers crossed it is not the DVF Pave Sutra bracelet from H Stern or I've got no chance of adding it to my collection... Any clever jewellery detectives know who makes these?
Kindness to Ms Richards for schooling us in the art of bracelet stacking. Kindness also to Ms Richards for living up to her claim of being thrifty by not having bought a $102000 bracelet, so that the populace can have one for V-Day... Finally kindness to any reader who can point me in the direction of an affordable version of the coveted arm candy!


  1. thanks for the follow!! that reunion was all sorts of juicy. i kinda loved it. i don't know which bracelet she had on, BUT the crew one is amazeballs and super inexpensive

  2. No clue! But I love it too. And yes, I've been watching the entire season--will be sad to see it go

  3. I love it, but have no idea who makes it!! I've seen lots of similar bracelets lately though, so I bet you'll find one!

  4. Ohhh that JCrew one looks remarkably similar, thanks for the scoop MRA! Although I'm not sure if I agree that $100+ for glass and metal is el cheapo... Better than the DVF Pave Sutra price tag though, ha!

  5. I also swooned over these bracelets and immediately tried to hunt them down. Unfortunately, it looks like they're from the jewelry store XIV Karats in BH (i.e. NOT cheap). So sad ...

    BTW, adorable pup! I'm mom to a longhaired dachshund too, Henry.


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