Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cambridge Satchels

Today we decided to brave the masses and head into the big city.
What's that dent, you ask?
One look at the crowds and I wanted to go back into hibernation, but there was no turning around. At the very least we had to find out what that dent in the side of the building was.
Why, it's just your run of the mill glass portal (to a galaxy far far away, natch!)
Rock star parking for the two-wheelers
Sherman was not loving the icy temperatures, nor being forced to wear a sweater...
Why put a sweater on me, but leave me to walk around bare-pawed? hmm? Can you explain that to me?

Next stop was Urban Outfitters, which always seems to have an eclectic mix of overpriced 80s leftovers (MC Hammer Levi's jeans? errr, pass...Shredded spiderweb acrylic sweater? errr, no thank you.).
These tribal-y friendship bracelets sure brought back memories, minus the spikes that is. I felt completely uninspired until I spotted the Cambridge satchels.
Leather Cambridge Satchel in tan
They come in a variety of colors, UO stocked the black and tan, of which I much preferred the tan. It's part schoolboy gamine, part stuffy Oxbridge intellectual biking to a lecture.
Lately I've been struggling with slippery straps on my Barbour and other puffy parkas, so I'm seriously considering getting a Cambridge satchel for the winter months.
11" Cambridge Leather Satchel
I like the look of the 11" (if you can ignore the lopsided cuffed jeans...), but considering the amount of stuff I like to tote around, I think I would go with the 13" satchel instead. For being all leather, they are surprisingly lightweight. I love that you can customize your satchel with a gold embossed monogram on their website! That fact pretty much seals the deal. Now I just need to decide on a color. Tan is a classic and goes with every winter coat I own. I also love the navy....and the red. Really, I love the green too, it's a bright Kelly green. Oh, who am I kidding, I love them all! So while I save my pennies to splurge on a Lotuff & Clegg, I think a Cambridge Satchel will do nicely!

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